Monday, April 27, 2009

Steelers Draft Ziggy

I received a text on Saturday evening from my SIL (that would be sister-in-law) notifying me that the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Ziggy. Obviously, I didn’t believe her since Ziggy is still a kitten, but more importantly, didn’t play football in college or attend any of the pre-draft workouts (at least that I know of). However, I have complete faith in Kevin Colbert, the Steelers’ director of football operations, and Coach Mike Tomlin, so I trust their judgment. At 8 months, Ziggy is already 10 pounds and could continue to grow, which would work perfectly for a defensive lineman. Although I have never timed Ziggy in the 40-yard dash, I can attest that he is as quick as a cat. In addition, Ziggy has at least a 3-foot vertical leap that he uses to jump from the floor to the kitchen counter. The only negative is that Ziggy has character issues as demonstrated by the pictures below; however, I think the Steelers, and everyone else, just attributes this to Ziggy being young and perhaps immature.

Personally, I’m happy that Ziggy is finally going to earn his keep. The signing bonus for a first-round draft pick is significant and should be a big help as we start looking to buy a new home. Unfortunately, I worry that Ziggy will be a hold out. Although Mike Tomlin said that "[Ziggy’s] a Steeler-type of player," I slightly disagree. We spent $30 on a wonderful Steelers cat bed that Ziggy refuses to use. Even after word that he got drafted by the Steelers on Saturday night, Ziggy continued to ignore the bed.

As his agent, my smile and thumbs-up (and closed eyes) are an attempt to show that everything is fine.

More Ziggy coverage is available in the Post-Gazette.

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lacochran said...

Ziggy's got good buzz. The "I don't need no effin' cat bed" tude only adds to it.