Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trivia Tuesday

I’m addicted. This is what I did this past weekend: worked as a soccer referee, watched games two and three of the Penguins-Flyers series, unsuccessfully tried to organize bills and statements from the past 5+ years and spent hours on Sporcle.com. (I guess I probably ate and slept too.) What an amazing website! Therefore, for this week’s Trivia Tuesday, I again present two quizzes from Sporcle.

Quiz #1: Name the sitcom cities. You know where Seinfeld took place but what about Mr. Belvedere? I scored a 17 of 28.

Quiz #2: Name the starting NFL quarterbacks from Tecmo 1991. I scored a 19 of 28. Just based on his name (if he still goes by this handle), Tecmo of PSAMP better try this one!

Please share your results in the comments section. Good luck!


tecmo said...

Jeez...only scored a 15 on that Tecmo quiz.

Hand of Godard said...

Who doesn't know that Mr. Belvedere is based in Beaver Falls?

nichole said...

22/28 on the sitcoms and I didn't even attempt the quarterback one

Sean said...

Tecmo - The quiz was much tougher than I expected. I typed Bono at least four times because I thought he was Kansas City's QB in 1991.

Hand of Godard - I agree with you 100%, but there may be 1 or 2 people outside of Western PA that don't know the answer. I bet Joe Namath knew that the show was based in Beaver Falls.

Nichole - Nice job! Did you get Mr. Belvedere?

tecmo said...

18 on the sitcom one.

Gobo said...

24 on the QBs, 23 on the sitcoms, but it should have been 24 because I typed in Santa Monica for Three's Company but it didn't register. Also, I got Indianapolis for "One Day at a Time" as a guess at the end when i was just typing in names of American cities.