Monday, April 20, 2009

Free Ice Cream

As a connoisseur of free food, I wanted to provide the following public service announcement. Tuesday, April 21st (that's tomorrow!) is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s. Free scoops will be served from noon to 8:00pm at participating "Scoop Shops." Visit the Ben & Jerry’s website for locations and more information.

If you’re counting calories, don’t worry; there are no calories in free ice cream! Besides you can burn the calories cheering for the Penguins on Tuesday night.


lacochran said...

"there are no calories in free ice cream"

I think I love you.

Nick said...

Sweat! I hope the line is not as long as free ice cream if you voted day in November!

Captain Easychord said...

my local neighborhood ben and jerry's closed for the winter on november 1... I think it was just to get out of the election day ice cream bonanza... (they were open the previous winter!)

Sean said...

lacochran - I get that a lot! :)

Nick - I didn't make it to Ben & Jerry's so I can't confirm or deny the length of the lines.

Captain - I wonder if they made the decision to close on November 1 back in the summer or on October 30.