Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Great Season

What a tough way to end the season. I can’t write that I’m upset because the Penguins playoff run has been incredible. It’s not like the Penguins were heavily favored and lost tough game sevens like they did in 1993 to the New York Islanders or in 1996 to the Florida Panthers. Despite not winning the Stanley Cup, 2007-2008 really was an amazing season. Personally, I’m going to remember the unbelievable game five win, "The Shift" by Brooks Orpik, Malkin’s breakaway, slap shot goal from game one of the Flyers series, the Winter Classic victory on New Year’s and watching the Penguins defeat the Capitals twice in person in Washington (including the Backstrom own goal game).

If you’re looking for something positive, hopefully you will never see another commercial for The Love Guru, hear the California Soul song from the Dockers ad, see the ridiculous Edge shaving cream spot or question why the US Women’s soccer team would drive to Brazil instead of flying.


Captain Easychord said...

the one cool thing about the penguins losing is that it preserves one of the most ridiculous streaks in sports: the last 19 losers in the stanley cup finals have all hailed from different cities... you have to go back to the spring of 1988 to find a city (boston) that has been home to a stanley cup runner-up twice... note also that one franchise (the minnesota/dallas (north) stars) is represented twice on the list.... so next year it's pens over sharks?

Sean said...

Very interesting streak. The Pens could also defeat Colorado, Columbus or Nashville next year.