Monday, June 23, 2008

Athletes Websites

Have you ever wondered what your favorite athletes do when off the playing field? Well, many of them have websites that provide small glimpses into their lives. While most sports fans know about the blogs/websites of the Washington Wizards’ Gilbert Arenas and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, here are a few sites that you may not have discovered:

On Dolphins’ running back Ronnie Brown’s website, you can take a poll to see which team will win Super Bowl XLII: the New York Giants or New England Patriots. The Patriots are huge favorites, so I don’t see how they could lose.

Although he’s not a current player or manager, Tommy Lasorda writes frequently on his website, including an entry last week in which he proudly writes about earning Best in Class at the 2008 Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition's inaugural Wine World of Sports, which pitted sports celebrities' vintages against each other. Lasorda’s Pinot Grigio (I never thought I would write those three words together) defeated wines by John Daly, Greg Norman, Wayne Gretzky, and the Andretti Winery.

In the latest news on the Columbus Blue Jackets’ Rick Nash’s website, Nash won the gold and tournament MVP at the World Championships. Um, the 2007 World Championships.

Did you know that former Steeler Kendrell Bell was still a Kansas City Chief? According to his website he is; however, according to the Kansas City Chiefs’ website, not so much.

Face Me Ike, better known as Steeler cornerback Ike Taylor, is hosting his fourth annual football camp this Friday in his hometown of New Orleans. There is no punch line here; just thought you would like to know.

The top of Adam Archuleta’s website features pictures of him as a St. Louis Ram. This would be fine except he hasn’t been a member of that team since 2005. I guess the header “safety for the Chicago Bears” is supposed to clear everything up.

I have a new (OK, my first ever) favorite LGPA golfer, Erica Blasberg.

Just in time for Wimbledon, Andy Roddick provides, well nothing on either his website of Facebook page.

I hope you enjoyed your tour of the blogs and websites of professional athletes. If you know of other websites of professional athletes, please feel free to share them in the comments below.


Captain Easychord said...

curt schilling
pat neshek

Sean said...

Thanks Captain! I guess I can count them even though they are American League players. :)

Anonymous said...

Jim Brennan

Danny Dichio

Here are couple more you missed ;)