Monday, December 24, 2007

Steelers Sign Haynes; Not Important Enough to Verron

The Steelers re-signed Verron Haynes to replace the injured Fast Willie Parker. According to the Verron Haynes website, well, there's nothing new on his website. I'm sure that Haynes is excited to be back as a Steeler. Maybe someone will now update his site.

(The picture below is Haynes on the cover of Pittsburgh Magazine's 25 Most Beautiful People. This was also not mentioned on Haynes' website.)


Anonymous said...

i checked out verron's website when we worked him out a few weeks ago when dump truck got hurt; it's a crapy site. he needs to hire some kids from cmu to fix that bad boy up.

was i one of the burgh's most beautiful?

b said...

I'm going to the Pitt/Balt game....sorry bro:

Go Balt! but really, GO SKINS!!