Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Finally Something to Watch on TV

As the writers’ strike continues and the reality television programs and game shows get worse and worse (is anyone really watching Duel and Clash of the Choirs?), I am struggling to find good things to watch. Fortunately, two of my favorite things have come together: 90s music and VH1. Every night this week at 10:00 pm Eastern, VH1 is airing the 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s. While I love 80s music, the 90s are truly the musical era of my formative years. Each song seems to have a different memory and takes me back to high school and college. Some of the songs I have heard thus far include Groove Is In the Heart; The Humpty Dance; Kris Kross; Tennessee; and I’m Too Sexy. Almost all of the songs are great in its own special way. (I’m not sure where Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart” fits in, although I remember Myron Cope doing a funny parody of the song.) Like most of the VH1 countdown shows, they air parts of the video and incorporate comments about the song from music critics, comedians, musicians, and occasionally, the artists themselves. So if you want to know where I will be tonight at 10, I’ll be watching VH1.

Of course, I will not be watching on Thursday as its Pittsburgh night on televisions across the country. First, Pitt faces Duke at 7:00 live from Madison Square Garden on ESPN. Then, the Steelers meet the St. Louis Rams on the NFL Network or, in most cases, at bars and friends’ houses. However, I won’t really miss Thursday’s episode, as I’m sure that VH1 will replay the show again and again and again.


honeykbee said...

Oh please please please wax nostalgic about specific memories that are unearthed when you hear Groove Is In The Heart and I'm too Sexy!

Sean said...

That is a fair and excellent point about specific memories for EVERY song that I hear on the countdown. Perhaps I exaggerated a little. However, I do have a few memories about the songs Honeykbee mentioned.

1. Groove Is In The Heart – I remember this song being played at a couple youth group dances. This may or may not have been the song in which I attempted to break-dance to. Actually, this became somewhat of a tradition, as I attempted to break-dance at most of the youth group dances. And I wonder why I rarely had a girlfriend during my younger days!

2. I’m Too Sexy – You know, I don’t have a specific memory from this song, but I just remember how funny it was and probably joked with friends that we were too sexy for homework or math class, etc. Again, see the last line of #1.