Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Trivia Night

I attended my first trivia contest in many, many years last night, and remarkably, my team won! Actually, that should not have been a complete surprise since Messiah, Nick and Lee carried our team to victory. I contributed very little except that I knew the name from the lyrics of the following song:

“Stronger” – Let’s get lost tonight. You could be my black _____ _____ tonight.

I figured I would share some of the questions from the game here. Question #1 is above.

#2 – Of the 48 contiguous states, which state located entirely west of the Mississippi River is the smallest in area?

#3 – There is five nicknames in the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB that are shared. For example, the sports teams at the University of Kentucky and the University of Arizona are both the Wildcats. Of course, my example is for college teams, not professional ones. Can you name the five professional names?

#4 – What famous female singer guest starred on a 1995 “Friends” episode in which Phoebe taught her the “Smelly Cat” song?

As always, share your answers in the comments section. I’ll be back later today to provide the correct answers and to hand out gold stars!

P.S. A belated congratulations to the Miami Dolphins in defeating the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. I am very happy for the Dolphin fans, players and organization, and even happier that the win was over the Ravens.


David said...

#3 is driving me crazy... I've got 4... Panthers, Cardinals, Rangers, Giants and...

Could the 5th be Sea(hawks)

Sean said...

David (and everyone else) - I'll give you a hint on #3. One of the teams is in the NHL, the other is in the NBA. Both teams are on the western side of the United States.

Rinsem's Rink said...

#1 Kate Moss
#2 I guess Iowa?
#3 Cardinals, Rangers, Kings, Panthers, Giants
#4 Lead singer of The Pretenders - Chrissy Hide?

Sean said...


The answer for #2 is Arkansas.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Dolphins props Sean. Loved your feature on the Vh-1 show. I watched last night's show this evening and they had some great songs.

How can you not love 'Jump' by Kris Kross?