Friday, April 13, 2007

Fun Directions

If you go to Google maps and select directions from New York to Paris, #23 tells you to swim across the Atlantic Ocean 3,462 miles. That seems funny to me. I wonder if the guy who swam the Amazon will try this.

Just for fun, I also typed in directions from New York to Portugal. Apparently, it is better to swim from New York to France and then go through France and Spain to get to Portugal instead of simply swimming directly to Portugal.

I saw this on by Bill Simmons.


brian stern said...

Wow, thanks for setting me up with this one! A swimming post, fantastic. For me, swimming to Portugal I would start in St. Louis. Swim the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico then on to the Caribbean Sea and the Panama canal. Cross the Pacific and Indian oceans and around the cape of Africa. Then north up the Atlantic to Portugal. While in the area I might take a lap around the Mediterranean.

"Get ready to update your record board, Brian 'The' Stern is here"

Sean said...

Brian - I did set you up perfectly for this one, didn't I?