Monday, April 16, 2007

For the One Shady Side Academy Graduate Who Regularly Reads This Blog

According to the DC Sports Bog, GW freshman Monte Singh Harika is declaring for the NBA draft. Haven’t heard of him? Follow George Washington University men’s hoops closely and still haven’t heard of him? There’s a reason. Monte is not actually on the GW team. He plays in pick-up games and declared for the draft for publicity. You’ll be glad to know that Monte “has not hired an agent and plans to withdraw his name before the deadline so that he can preserve his college eligibility and attempt to walk on the team next year.” Look out Atlantic-10 teams!

What’s really impressive is that Monte was a 290-pound offensive lineman in high school at Shady Side Academy in Pittsburgh and now weighs 180 pounds.

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Nick said...

This dude totally has a future with the Maryland Nighthawks.