Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Best DC Blog Review

Between the beginning of Passover and the first of my two fantasy baseball league drafts, I have not been able to write much lately. Therefore, I thought I would provide an update from last week’s Best DC Blog You Couldn’t Quit for Lent contest. Out of the original 27 nominees, I finished a very respectable fourth. As a gracious loser, I thought I would provide links to the top three blogs in case you feel like checking them out.

Winner: Bigger Bitch Than You
Second: Why I Hate DC
Third: Night Writer

If one of these three cannot fulfill their obligations, I guess I would end up with a metal (if this was like the Olympics).


Anonymous said...


Bigger Bitch Than You said...

Since I am the winner, I promise you should I fall from grace (LOL) then I would hand the crown over to you. Rusty's head is too big for it anyway.


Sean said...

I am honored to inherit the crown if it comes to that. How exactly could you lose the award?

Andy said...

Hey, at least Sanjaya didn't find a way to win this contest...