Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another Month, Another Contest

Already this year, I have encouraged folks to vote for the Best DC Blog, Dog Show USA, Grease and the NFL’s Super Bowl Commercial. The next contest is Good Morning America’s “Dancing With the Moms Challenge!” Yes, this is a terrible name, but apparently ABC wants to get as much promotion for “Dancing With The Stars” as possible. Instead of dancing celebrities like Laila Ali, Joey Fatone and Billy Ray Cyrus, this contests features mothers dancing with their kids. Actually, that’s completely a guess since I haven’t watched any of the videos.

Anyway, over 1,000 people entered and there are now 10 semifinalists, including Tiffany Catania, who is someone I went to high school with in Pittsburgh. According to this link, each week the moms will be given a new dancing challenge, and then we can vote for our favorite dancer. Two dancers with the lowest vote totals are eliminated each week and the final four dancing moms will be flown to New York to train with professional dancers and perform live on Good Morning America. Basically, I’m just asking you to vote for Tiffany. Thank you.


Beakerz said...

sorry we let Sanjaya down. Maybe Tiffany can pull it out!

yes, i realize we're talkin' different tv shows

brian stern said...

i was once on a show called swimming with former child actors. it aired on espn 8 the ocho. it had always been my dream to swim with Jenna von Oÿ, thank you espn.

anyway it's been a while but pittsburgh sports rumors is up and running again with a new and improved format, it's way better than that scribbled noise blog you have linked.

Sean said...

I have never voted for or asked anyone to vote for any American Idol contestants. Dancing With The Moms in completely different.

After no activity for months, I deleted the link for Pittsburgh Sports Rumors. Welcome back!

Tiffany said...

Ten years later. I'm only seeing this
Thank you for your support Sean

Tiffany said...

Scribbled noise blog heard. My dream too. Please refrain from stomping on it