Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Franco Harris In Vegas?

You may have heard that Disney Plus released the musical Hamilton on its streaming service over the holiday weekend. I clearly don't understand the hype. Why a full musical about Richard "Rip" Hamilton and not mention anything about his time with the Detroit Pistons? I guess the focus was on his time in Washington.

Anyway, all of the Hamilton talk got me thinking about the last time I saw live theater. It was the incredible musical Come From Away in December at The Kennedy Center. This musical is based on 9/11 and the days immediately after, but from Gander, Newfoundland in Canada, a town of less than 10,000 who hosted approximately 7,000 people from international flights after the American airspace was closed. Once theater is back, I highly recommend seeing it.

Instead of turning off my phone during the performance, I switched it to vibrate. Near the end of the show, my phone started buzzing like crazy. I knew there wasn't much time left, so I avoided looking at my phone. In a completely dark theater, the light from my phone would have definitely distracted the people sitting near me. 

When the show ended, I exited as quickly as possible worrying that there was some type of emergency. Fortunately, everything was okay. My nephew tried to FaceTime me twice, and there was quite a text exchange from some friends. I won't use their real names here but here are the highlights.

M: This is *not* Franco Harris sitting right next to me, right? I've been trying to figure out for a full 5 minutes.

D: Yeah, the only immaculate thing that guy has done is somebody's taxes.

M: He's wearing a Wisconsin hat, which would militate against. But an "SI" jacket trends toward maybe? The Penn State game is on and he's not paying attention, so that probably seals the deal?

B:  The fries look good. Where are you?

M: At a place called Crack Shack in Las Vegas on the Strip. Quite good.In my defense, my wife was sitting right next to "Franco" and had to look at pics of real Franco for several minutes before declaring they were not a match.

D: You're at a place in Vegas called the Crack Shack? Those jokes can just write themselves. 

There were a lot more texts in this discussion, but nothing really relevant to "Franco Harris"

Go Steelers!

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