Monday, April 06, 2020

Random Facts About Me

My friend Nichole posted this on Facebook, and I thought it would be fun to share my answers here.

First Job - Soccer Referee

Current job - Senior Analyst (How about that for a vague title!)

Dream Job - Professional Blogger/Influencer

Favorite Food - Lox on an everything bagel with cream cheese

Favorite dog - Farfel. My parents got her from a shelter a few months before I was born. I grew up with her.

Favorite footwear - I loved Adidas Gazelles. The problem is that the soles got worn out quickly.

Favorite Candy - Skittles

Favorite Ice cream- Mint Chocolate Chip. Graeter's Ice Cream in Columbus may have had the best I've ever had.

Your Vehicle color - Brown

Favorite Holiday - Probably Halloween. No clear winner for me on this one.

Night owl or early bird - A night owl before I had kids. Now, an early bird by necessity. (I hope to go back to being a night owl in 15-20 years again!)

Favorite day of the week - Saturday

Tattoos - No

Can you drive a stick - No

Favorite color - Green

Do you like vegetables - Some

Do you wear glasses - Yes, and I need a new pair. I also wear contacts.

Favorite season - Spring. The weather finally gets nice, and my birthday is in May. Spring was the end of the school year growing up, the start of the baseball season, and Kennywood Day!

Feel free to share your answers in the comments below.

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