Thursday, April 02, 2020

Notes From Home

Even before we've been staying at home, but especially since we're here 24/7, I've played a fun game around the house called "Turning Off Lights in Rooms Where There Are No People." I have the high score!

With a free preview of Starz, I recorded several movies. Being the wonderful parent that I am, I let the kids (ages now 9, almost 6, and 2 & 1/2) watch "Spaceballs." There are a few more swear words than I remembered, so I just hope they don’t use them in the coming days. Anyway, my oldest who seemed to be paying attention the most kept asking me if this is the funny part. It probably didn’t help that I tried showing them "Star Wars" twice in the past, but they only made it about 30-45 minutes through and didn’t want to continue. Although my oldest said that he liked the movie and was proud of himself for predicting that Lone Star and Princess Vespa would end up together, he (and they) definitely didn’t get it.

I also recorded Quentin Tarantino’s "Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood." I will not be watching this one with my kids!

I've been on Zoom quite a bit lately. The reason I mention this is because when I look in the mirror, I see some hair on the top of my head. Based on my laptop camera angle, I look pretty bald on the webcam. (Of course, most people probably already think of me as bald/balding.)

Ziggy is going to have plenty of dry food for the next few weeks months years. This is a 16-pound bag!

I miss Wegmans. I generally go there at least once or twice a week, but I haven’t visited since March 17th. We did a pretty good job on stocking up on what we need and have also had groceries delivered. However, we’re going to need Passover food and some prescription refills, so I expect to be back soon.

Speaking of Passover, I don’t know how this is going to work this year. I probably go to grocery stores every day or two during Passover to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Wegmans usually has a good selection of premade meals too. Frequent trips are not going to happen this year. Without pasta, pizza, chicken nuggets, and our usual breakfast foods (cereal, muffins, bagels, etc.), I also have no idea what the kids will eat. Any Passover food suggestions are greatly appreciated. Complicated recipes with an extensive list of ingredients are not.


Amy said...

How do you do Passover? Do you only eat stuff with the K for P certification? What about corn?

The reason I ask is if you're looking for things with K for P ingredients (but don't care about certification), and especially if you eat corn, gluten free items are the way to go. They are all made of rice and/or corn. Me discovering these good Passover foods is like the only good thing to come out of being diagnosed as Celiac. Now I get to keep Passover year round!

These chicken nuggets are amazing:

Tyson also has GF chicken nuggets but I've never tried them:

Barilla GF pasta is pretty good and close to normal pasta (just do NOT overcook it even by one second, I usually undercook by about 2 minutes):

These are good muffins:

Just as good if not better than regular pretzels:

For cereal, most Chex don't have wheat or oats. Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles are made with rice only.

If you require K for P certification, and/or don't eat corn, then yes this might be a tough Passover :(.

Sean said...

For many, many years, I regularly looked for the Kosher for Passover symbol. Anything with corn starch or corn syrup in it (which is everything!) was out. With the ruling that corn is okay now, I've been a little more lenient the last few years.

I never considered looking for gluten-free foods, so mind blown. I'm going directly to that aisle at Wegmans when I finally get to the store.