Wednesday, May 30, 2018

I'm Stuck

I've written this blog long enough to know that you don't care about my writer's block. Or maybe you do. Or maybe I don't actually have writer's block, but it's easier to write that two-word phrase than to explain that I have a lot of blog ideas right now, but that I actually need to sit down to write it. For example, I plan on writing a preview of the upcoming World Cup, which I promise you will enjoy even if you're not a soccer fan. I have another idea about a post about the current state of pop music. Do you have any interest about hearing how I'm about to give up on my fantasy baseball season and being a fire sale since my team isn't very good? Or how I'm playing against Josh this week in my other league? What about a post about the status of my dislocated wrist? (Spoiler: It's doing well.) Maybe an update about the kids? (Spoiler: They can be exhausting.) Is it worthwhile to share my displeasure that FOX canceled the funny LA to Vegas after its first and only season?

Really, I just need to sit down and write a post. In the meantime, I came across this video from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. Besides being quite touching, I'm sharing this video because there's a chance that a friend (who I unfortunately I haven't been in touch with in years) is involved in this video. He was the creative director behind several of the What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas commercials, so I hope he's has something to do with this one too.

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