Monday, November 28, 2016

The Red Shirt

For the past few months, my two year old (Pedro Tulo) prefers to only wear red shirts. And when I write "prefers," what I mean is that he freaks out when we try to put on any shirt that is not red. Even a red and gray stripped shirt can cause some unhappiness since apparently this is not red enough. A happy two year is a preferable way to start the day, especially when trying to get to work during the week, so we usually acquiesce and let him wear red shirts. However, with the weather getting colder, we found that we don't have many long-sleeve red shirts. Therefore, my wife took a trip to Old Navy and bought several shirts including this one for $5.

As a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins, I was initially horrified that this shirt was in our house and that Pedro Tulo would wear this regularly. Then, I thought about the freak outs and found this shirt as a much better option than fighting with Pedro Tulo at 6:20 on a Wednesday morning.

Besides, like the hockey team, this shirt will be one of his best shirts through the winter and into April, but by May, this shirt will be relegated to the closet only to be useful again during the following fall and winter.


Melissa said...

And with any luck, he'll have a huge growth spurt -- making the shirt completely unwearable. :)

We went through stages like that. My favorite was the sleeveless shirt phase ... that was fun in the winter months.

(It doesn't end when they're teenagers, either. We're still in the "no collars, no buttons" phase. ;)

Sean said...

I'm glad I'm not alone. Fortunately, there are no sleeveless shirts in our house.

By the way, I completely expect my son to be one of those kids that wears shorts all winter!

Unknown said...

If he doesn't grow fast enough before spring, use some creative ways to re-purpose it... like a christmas craft gift for mom...filled with flowers and can't go wrong