Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What Was Antonio Brown Doing?

Steelers fans are unhappy. That tends to happen when the team loses four games in a row. There's been a lot of criticism of the team's defense and coaching staff. Much of it warranted. While wide receiver Antonio Brown continues to perform at an all-Pro level, his decision on the final play of Sunday's Steelers-Cowboys game is questionable and not something I've seen discussed much. (In full disclosure, I didn't watch the game live, so perhaps there was a major uproar on social media when this play happened).

So on the last play of the game with no time remaining and needing a touchdown to win, Antonio Brown basically ran out of bounds. The only explanation that makes any kind of sense is that perhaps he didn't want to take a hit. That's justifiable at many other moments of a football game, but on the last play of the game, you try to stay off the ground and lateral the ball to your teammates, even though getting a touchdown in the situation is unlikely. If anyone would know this, you would think it would be Antonio Brown after this almost miracle finish in 2013 against the Miami Dolphins.

(You may need to try this video instead.)

The only other reasonable explanation I have for Brown running out of bounds is that perhaps he wanted the game so that he could see his Skittles custom vending machine quickly.

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