Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sean Makes Pancakes

I am a terrible cook. If there was a television show called "Bottom Chef," I think I could be a contestant. Yet, as a father, there are times when I have to make edible food for my kids. I make an excellent Mac and cheese (out of a box, but it's still really good) and can warm up fish sticks and chicken nuggets on par with any Food Network chef. However, I don't have much of a repertoire. Oh, I can also make pizza bagels WITHOUT ketchup.

On Tuesday, it was breakfast for dinner night so I attempted to make pancakes. I probably put in too pancake mix, and despite the instructions putting DO NOT OVERMIX in all caps, I probably overmixed. With all of that written, I think the pancakes came out okay.

And with that dinner was served.

As soon as I put the plate in front of him, my five year old (The Moose) said, "I don't want pancakes." All he ate for dinner was a yogurt and one strawberry. He had a big lunch, so apparently, he wasn't hungry and even skipped his evening milk. Meanwhile, my two year old (Pedro Tulo) ate about half of one pancake, yet still managed to get syrup all over him and his clothes. He also ate yogurt and strawberries as well as his milk.

While I wouldn't call breakfast for dinner a disaster, this seems like far from a success. Oh, as an added bonus, I put the plastic mixing bowl too close to the pan. As a result, no more mixing bowl!


Amy said...

There is an actual competition show called "Worst Cooks In America"

Sean said...

I have a new mission...get on that show!

Amy said...

Looks like you missed this year's deadline: