Monday, March 21, 2016

Eating In Pittsburgh In 24 Hours

I made a somewhat impromptu visit to Pittsburgh this weekend. While it was extremely odd driving on the Parkway East and not seeing the Greenfield Bridge, I thought I would share what I ate over the past few days.

- Filet-O-Fish and fries at McDonalds

- Pierogis, pizza and the Pious Monk Dunkel beer at The Church Brew Works.

- Whatever drink this is at Hidden Harbor.

(By the way, Hidden Harbor is such a random place. It's a tiki bar right by the corner of Shady & Forbes in Squirrel Hill. I was also at least 10 years older than just about everyone in the bar. I guess this is the new hip place? Squirrel Hill has hip places? I remember a day where you went shopping for clothes at Newman's and London Dock on Forbes. In related news, I'm old.)

- Vanilla milkshake at Eat 'n Park.

- French toast and orange juice at Eat 'n Park (not at the same meal as the milkshake)

- A burger and a side of pasta salad at Benjamin's on the North Side.

- A cinnamon sugar pretzel from Sheetz.

So I didn't really eat "healthy" this weekend. Well, there were some apples on the burger. Milk is part of the milkshake, so that's got to count for something, right?

Speaking of healthy food, this is now two consecutive trips to Pittsburgh where I didn't go to The O. That needs to change on my next trip.

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Mom said...

Can't believe you didn't go to the O or Pamela's!