Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Creepy or Awkward?

We went to a birthday party at a park on Sunday, and as we were leaving, I noticed that a youth group that I was involved in during high school was setting up in a nearby pavilion.* I approached one of the girls, who was probably about 16, and had the following conversation:

Me: Are you with the [Youth Group name]?

Her: Yes.

Me: I was in [Youth Group name] too when I was in high school. I probably attended the [youth group camp name] before you were born.


Me: Well, good luck with the event today.

Her: Thanks.

About 7 seconds later out of earshot from the teenager

My wife: You were being creepy there.

Me: I wouldn't say creepy. Since I'm holding [my one year-old son], I'd say that it was more awkward.

We continued to walk towards the exit and saw a few more members of the group.

My wife: Don't say anything to them.

Me: Okay

So creepy that a 40 year-old guy tried to strike up a conversation with a high school girl that was in the same youth group as me (though 20+ years apart) or just awkward since I was carrying my toddler which means that I'm a (hopefully) respectable father (meaning not creepy)?

* There was also a soccer tournament going on in the park, and I was (and still am) appalled by how the adult referees were dressed. Shirts untucked. Plain white socks. Totally unprofessional.

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Eric Freed said...

I feel for you and can relate. As a mid-40s, unmarried male, for me to even attempt to have a conversation with any female even half my age is probably looked at as being creepy. And awkward. I hate thinking that 40 is some imaginary boundary between middle aged and young adulthood, but I guess it is. It's probably good to recognize it now to prevent future embarrassment.