Thursday, September 17, 2015

Chris Coghlan Hates Asians

Let me preface this blog post by writing that this title is (probably) not true. I'm just a little upset that Chicago Cubs outfielder Chris Coghlan ended Jung Ho Kang's season by a dirty slide.

On May 24, 2009, Chris Coghlan, then of the Florida Marlins attempted to break up a double play by sliding hard into second base and into Tampa Bay Devil Rays second baseman Akinori Iwamura. Iwamura, from Japan, was injured as a result of Coghlan's slide and did not return to the major leagues until the end of August, more than three months later.

On Thursday, Coghlan again attempted to break up a double play but instead slid right into Kang resulting in the South Korean infielder suffering a torn left MCL and fractured tibia. Kang, a major part of the Pirates success this season and friend of K-Pop star Hyomin, is now out for the season.

So is it a coincidence that Coghlan has now significantly injured two of the few infielders born in Asia? Does Coghlan have something against players from Japan and South Korea (and possibly China, Indonesia, and others)?

I guess we'll let Commissioner Rob Manfred decide.


Anonymous said...

People have pointed out that Asian play does not tolerate takeout slides, but I am sure both Iwamura and Kang were instructed on MLB infield playing and if they weren't, all those hard slides they have gone through over many, many games would've taught them pretty quick. Coghlan's slide was different: hooking around Kangs left leg, off the bag, after he was out at second. It was a vicious move, meant to cause injury. If Kang and Iwamura were are at 'fault' for their manner of play, why weren't they injured by others. Why were they both literally taken out by the one and same Coghlan. I think you are right. Don't take it back.

Anonymous said...

I know this an old post but I have to let it out. That Coghlan is a dirty bastard. Kang was prepared for the attempted take out, stepping away from the bag and toward right field with his left leg. He didn't realize the length Coghlan would go to take him down. The key evidence that it was a dirty play is how Coghlan raised his leg to strike Kang in the knee that was farthest from the base path. What pisses me off more is how the Pirates didn't retaliate. And then they were practically gushing with some sort of chivalrous attitude like it was a regular takeout play. If I was Kang, I wouldn't be feeling any love and I sure the hell wouldn't be putting myself in that situation again. Let the batter take first. Coghlan was trying to take Kang out for good and he felt it was ok because it's "legal". What an ignorant moron.