Thursday, May 28, 2015

Curiously Not Funny

My 4 year old wants me to read the same books to him night after night. He becomes obsessed with these books for weeks until he rediscovers other books. Lately, he has been all about Curious George.

Most of the Curious George books start the same way:

This is George.
He was a good little monkey and always very curious.

I'm not sure why the tense changes from present to past so quickly, but what do I know. Maybe he was a good little monkey but isn't anymore.

Anyway, I'll change the words around sometimes to keep myself entertained and to see if my son is paying attention. The other night I started the book like this:

This is Fred.
He was a good little elephant and always very happy.

Very clever, right? My son didn't think so and simply replied, "No be funny, daddy."

No be funny indeed. He clearly takes his Curious George seriously.

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