Friday, October 17, 2014

Hacked Text Message?

Can someone hack into your cell phone and send text messages? I feel like the answer is probably yes, but I thought I would ask. The reason for this question is because I received the following text message from my wife last night:

Fico yep Kipp sorry physio tic i/o PO etc. Room do chi PC loo st by USK KY Kb boo PO Poll me see Dr deer VB NJ hi g hi TX zit shh sax fix h UK loo herb Kerri org fun NBA mi Ursa I

Just last week, I also received the following message from her:

Jjjkkmmmnyujnol N

Now the second one was definitely(?) from my older son. It's possible that the first one was also from one of my kids, but the spacing and the use of capital and lower-case letters makes this seem unlikely.

So should I be worried that someone hacked into my wife's cell phone?


Nichole Fisher said...

Maybe it was a misdirected text? Given the caps and whatnot, maybe it was garbled in translation and was meant for an overseas number?

Sean said...

Nichole - How would that work? The text shows that it was from my wife's phone number to me. Does that impact anything?

Nichole Fisher said...

I misread that - nevermind. I didn't realize it was from your wife's phone directly to yours.

It's a weird text though. I don't know about hacked so much as something went haywire. It may be worth taking a trip to your cell phone provider to check with them. It is odd.

It could also have been one of the wee ones, and with autcorrect and all, the boy may have stumbled upon a few real words.

Sean said...

Very late breaking news. Apparently, my older son did take over my wife's phone. Mystery solved!