Thursday, September 18, 2014

Choose Your Own (License Plate) Adventure

There's a car that I've seen in my neighborhood several times, and I've been curious about the meaning of this license plate:

Option 1: This person wants the world to know that he/she is a terrible golfer.

Option 2: He/she really liked the pop Slice.

Option 3: This person clearly works in catering and slices prime rib as part of the buffet.

Option 4: It's Dexter. Holy crap!

Option 5: Based on the Johns Hopkins license plate holder, the person is a surgeon, cutting for the very first time.

Option 6: Insert your own theory.


Eric Freed said...

My first thought was "Is Lice", but I think that's because we had a small battle in our home with head lice recently.

Sean said...

Eric - I didn't think of that. There are people who specialize in removing lice from households, so maybe that is his/her job.