Monday, April 07, 2014

Cheeteau By Chester

While this is probably an April Fools' joke/promotion, I wish it was true. The incredibly gifted and talented people who make Cheetos (and who deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts) released a perfume on April 1st. This is the description of the product:

Cheeteau, the inaugural fragrance by famed Cheetos brand spokes-cheetah, Chester Cheetah, will be available to fans in Los Angeles and New York City for a limited time only. Inspired by the popular snack, the scent boasts buttery notes, accents of sharp cheddar and a touch of lemon for balance, perfect for evening or day wear.

And the ad:

They really did give samples in New York and LA, so this could still happen, right? Please? Mmmmm...Cheetos.


lacochran's evil twin said...

Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me was reporting it as fact. But maybe they got suckered in...?

Makes as much sense or more than any other fragrance out there.

Sean said...

I actually learned about this from Wait, Wait too.

The company gave samples out in New York & LA and also provided it to the folks at The Huffington Post. However, I don't see where you can buy this, so I'm still skeptical that this fragrance exists outside April 1st.