Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Random Questions

What actor, who has never been nominated for an Academy Award, has the highest grossing films? In case this isn't clear, let's take Will Smith for example. His films (Men in Black, Independence Day, Bad Boys, etc.) have grossed approximately $900 trillion dollars. Of course, Smith got an Oscar nomination for Ali, so he's out of the competition. I have no idea of the answer to this question, but I have some ideas.

What is the top seed in girl scout cookies?

Is there a better lollipop than Blow Pops?

Why is Tuesday always the worst day for mail?

Do they have Long John Silver's restaurants in any upscale neighborhoods? For example, do they have a LJS in Beverly Hills?

Will you watch The Office's finale on Thursday night?

Despite the Pirates extra inning win last night on a Cutch walk off home run, the Pirates are 13-209 against the Brewers since the Randall Simon incident. (This record may not be accurate.) It's the Sausage Curse! The only way to break the curse is for Ryan Braun to take out Cheese Chester. How can we get this to happen?

I guess you could consider this a Trivia Wednesday. Leave your answers in the comments section below.


MCOLE said...

I'm thinking Bruce Willis but maybe that's just because I saw an add for the latest Die Hard.

Josh Croyle said...

I would have to say that Bruce Willis. Everyone else I could think of has been nominated. My first guess would have been Samuel L. Jackson, but he was nominated for Pulp Fiction. Another guess would be Harrison Ford, but he too has a nomination if I am not mistaken.

Sesame seed.


Is there a good day for mail?

Yes, but they have a fancier name: Red Lobster


I remember watching that Randall Simon moment when it happened and thought it was a pretty harmless tap on the "head", but whatever, it was years ago and it is the only thing Simon is remembered for. And if Ryan Braun did something like this, well his steroid induced rage would kill the poor kid in the pierogi

Sean said...

MCole - I believe that you're right with Bruce Willis, but I've received another report that the answer is Hugo Weaving. Besides The Matrix movies, he was also a voice in the Transformers movies.

Josh - Samuel L. has a nomination for Pulp Fiction & Harrison Ford got nominated for Witness.

Regarding mail, I get Entertainment Weekly on Fridays and there seems to be some good things on other days. However, there is only junk mail on Tuesdays.

I agree that the Simon case was overblown. Jayson Werth shoved a racing President a few years ago( and that seemed worse than what Simon did since Werth's actions were premeditated. Nothing happened to Werth.

nichole said...

I like the Bruce Willis guess. Johnny Depp maybe?

Girl Scout Cookies - Thin Mints

Lollipops - Blow Pops are great, but Tootsie Pops are better

No LJS, but I've seen McDonalds and Olive Garden

Missed The Office finale, but I'm going to try and catch it online