Thursday, May 09, 2013

Definition of a Manly Man

I'm revisiting a blog post from several years ago where I questioned my manhood due to my "fear" of Home Depot. Today, I'm expanding this question as to how you define a man. What exactly makes someone a man's man or a manly man? Just for fun, I put together two lists of where I fit on the man list.

Manly Man

- I enjoy watching and playing sports. When meeting another guy for the first time, I can always fall back on talking about sports.

- I like steak.

- I like beer.

Not a Manly Man

- Beyond changing light bulbs or batteries in smoke detectors, I can't do household repairs.

- I don't know how to drive a stick shift.

- I don't really care about cars. I mean, I like driving them and I think some classic cars look cool, but doing my own maintenance or discussing the merits of a 1967 Mustang versus a 1968 Mustang isn't going to happen.

- I don't eat bacon. (Not Kosher) Do I get partial credit for turkey bacon?

- I don't hunt or fish or watch Duck Dynasty which involves hunting or fishing, right?

- I rarely drink hard alcohol.

I don't think I like where these lists are going as I seem to be on the non-manly man side. So where do you fall on the manly man scale? Are there other areas that should be on a manly man's list? Is there a woman's woman (or womanly woman) list?


lacochran's evil twin said...

But do you take care of the spiders in your house? That's very manly. Especially if you do the trap and relocate--showing that you COULD squish the puny spider with your immensely manly foot but are way cooler than that.

lacochran's evil twin said...

Oh, and Roadhouse. I hear that's very manly but I've never seen it. Peter Griffin says it a lot, so, um, there you go.

*looks into camera* Roadhouse.

Josh Croyle said...

I am probably about equal with you on the manliness scale.

I like bacon and can drive stick. I used to fish and hunt, but then grew up and realized it was not a fun thing to do and have not done it since i was a kid.

I believe that people in this area (central pa) think of someone as non-manly by their job. If you have a construction job=manly. If you work in an office=not manly.

Sean said...

Lacochran - I can and do take care of spiders and insects in my home (unless Ziggy gets to them first). If I'm near the door, I'll give them freedom, but I often, um, don't.

Josh - The job thing is certainly an interesting category here in the DC area. The majority of jobs are government or government related, so that naturally leads to office jobs. Of course, there are plently of military or former military folks that have office jobs too, and they would qualify as manly. Does my soccer referee job count as a manly job?

Josh Croyle said...

If you are outside and get a bit of a farmer's tan while doing it, definitely manly in this area.

Sean said...

Lacochran - I forgot to mention that I watched Road House a few months ago and did a Live Tweet of the event. Good times!