Thursday, November 08, 2012

Verizon Text Message Rant

I was in Colorado the past few days, and while I'll write about the trip soon (including a review of the movie showed on the airplane, Step Up Revolution), I need to share this text message I received from Verizon:

MSG USAGE ALERT: # ending XX29 used abt 50% of its MSG allowance for the bill ending on the 7th. Monitor at As of 11/05 06:49 AM EST. FREE MSG

Now this type of message isn't unusual and is quite helpful in letting you know if you are approaching your monthly text message allowance. However, please note the time of this message, 6:49 AM. Since I was in Colorado, I actually received this message at 4:49 AM!

I don't always sleep well in hotels, so naturally, the phone woke me up when I received the text message. If you think that I should have my phone off at that time, I use my phone as an alarm clock on vacation particularly as a back-up for hotel wake-up calls.

My question is why couldn't Verizon send this message in the middle of the afternoon or immediately after I sent or received a text message when I reached the 50% mark of my monthly allowance?

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