Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Trivia Tuesday

I think it’s fun when I create my own trivia questions, so I hope that you enjoy this week’s Trivia Tuesday.

1. Besides Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster, name another actor in the 1976 film, Taxi Driver.

2. Name the best song by the band Cake.

3. Who won the 2012 Australian Open women’s title?

4. The MTV movie awards declared Project X as a cult classic. Did you see this movie? (Please note that this is not the Matthew Broderick movie.)

5. How did the late Richard Dawson meet his second wife?

6. In what year did current Queen Elizabeth become queen?

7. What rap star filmed part of his new video at my high school? (The video also includes a cameo of NFL wide receiver Steve Breaston.)

8. Name one of the hosts on the ABC talk show, The Revolution.

9. There is a hip hop artist named Flo Rida. What is the best potential name of a future hip hop artist based on the name of a state? (My suggestions are Virg Inya or I Daho.)

10. In what state is the Patuxent River located?

As always, please leave your answers in the comments section below and do not use the internet for assistance. Good luck!


hizes said...

1) Random extra #26
2) Happy Birthday
3) Some Russian chick
4) no
5) She was suing him for sexual harassment
6) 1653
7) Smalley Bigs
8) what talk show?
9) Mass Shoots (Massachusetts)
10) Maryland

neena said...

1. Martin Scorsese - I bet he made a cameo

2. Short Skirt/Long Jacket. Had a hard time with this question. Lots of favorites. This one gets stuck in my head for days and it doesn't annoy me!

3. The chick who beat Sharpova

4. Nope. Is this the movie where the teens throw a rager while their folks are out of town? Looked ridiculous.

5. He kissed her, inappropriately, while she was a contestant on Family Feud.

6. 1952

7. Wiz Khalifa

8. Tim Gunn

9. New girl rapper, Ms. Issippi

10. Murr-lynd

Messiah said...

1) Peter Boyle -- the dad from Everybody Loves Raymond. Oh, and Cybil Shepard. But Scorcese totally had a cameo in that.

2) I'm not up on my Cake. I guess I have to go with Going the Distance.

3) No idea

4) No. Only the monkey one.

5) When she won the 2012 Australian Open women's title.

6) 60 years ago.

7) Nobody beats the Wiz. Unless it was Mac Miller.

8) Mario Lopez?

9) It's clearly I da Ho. Louie Ziyana and Or'Gun could work. Or, if Obama's support of gay marriage can continue to make inroads, perhaps one day we'll see Oklahomo.

10) MD. Unless that's only the Little Patuxent River.

Sean said...

I'll give some answers, but not all in case more folks want to enter.

1. Yes, technically Scorsese had a cameo. Random extra #26 was not in the credits, but Peter Boyle, Cybil Shepard & Albert Brooks were.

2. There are two acceptable answers: The Distance and Short Skirt/Long Jacket. Nicely done.

5. hizes - I think you're thinking of Bob Barker!

6. 1952

7. Wiz.

8. Tim Gunn is correct. I can't name the other people. Saw it for the first time recently and did not enjoy the show.

8. Mass Shoots Us would be good. I like Ms. Issippi. Louie Ziyana isn't bad.

10. I think there's a Patuxent River and a Little Patuxent River in MD.