Monday, June 25, 2012

Random Ramblings

- Ziggy has clearly been the breakout star of Sean’s Ramblings. I try not to overexpose him, but folks have been clamoring for Ziggy news. Here’s a brief story that I hope appeases his fan club. The other night, Ziggy and I saw a bug fly into our home. While I went to grab a paper towel to take care of the situation, Ziggy had other ideas and ate the bug. I was and am both mortified and proud.

- In other Ziggy-related news, I went to a local grocery store not named Wegmans (it’s rare but this does happen occasionally) since they had a buy one, get one free deal on cat litter. Unfortunately, they were out so I went home with only Klondike bars that were also on sale. When asked if I got a rain check from the customer service desk, I didn’t have an answer. I figure that if a store is out of a product, they are out. Do you get rain checks? This didn’t occur to me probably since I never feel like standing in a customer service (or any other type of) line.

- This is not Ziggy, but perhaps I could teach him to hug.

- When the Pirates first faced Justin Verlander this season, the Tigers pitcher threw a no-hitter through 8+ innings and finished giving up just one hit in a shutout victory. Yesterday, the Pirates scored two runs on five hits against last year’s American League MVP and Cy Young Award winner. I look forward to the next time the Pirates face Verlander where I expect the Bucs to score 4 runs on 9 hits!

- When a child turns 15 months, is appropriate to say that he or she is 1 & 1/4 or just better to go with 15 months?

- I’m convinced that Stephen Baldwin was the top Baldwin brother after the release of Usual Suspects. Of course, now, Alec is clearly the top Baldwin. Has Stephen do anything worthwhile as an actor over the past 15 years (besides guest-starring on his brother’s show 30 Rock earlier this season)?

- You may have noticed that I finally updated the “What I’m Reading” portion of my blog’s sidebar. Unfortunately, it’s already out of date as I completed Taft 2012: A Novel and started reading The Art of Racing in the Rain. I have a feeling that there will be a few moments of the latter book where it gets a little dusty in the room.

- How often do you think people approach actor Eriq La Salle and ask him about or make a reference to Soul Glo?

Trivia Tuesday tomorrow!


Nichole Fisher said...

I think the norm is that if you are referencing a child 18 months or younger, you go by months. Anything older, go by years.

Unknown said...

I am going to start referring to my age in months. I am 380 months...

And yes, Eriq La Salle prefers those Coming to America references over stupid Dr. Benson jokes (that was his name on ER, right?)

lacochran's evil twin said...

Ziggy's star continues to rise. Didn't I see him on TMZ? I hope he doesn't get involved with Lohan or those Kardashians.

Sean said...

Thanks Nichole. I think that I might also be okay using months up until 2. (Actually, saying that a child is 22 months doesn't sound right.)

Josh - Excellent point (about Eriq La Salle, not your age in months). I wonder if people ask him for medical advice.

Lacochran - Since we live in the DC area, I think Ziggy is safe from Lohan and the Kardashians. Unfortunately, Ziggy is weighing offers for reality shows which would mean relocating in LA. Once he's there, then it's time to worry!