Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Seeking Summer Vacation Ideas

Let’s say that you’re trying to plan a vacation for 8 people, including two kids under 18 months. You’re looking to take this vacation in late-June or early-July and it must be in driving distance from Washington DC. Let’s also say that a trip to the Maryland or Delaware beaches is out since beach house rentals appear to be too expensive for the prime-time of their tourist seasons. Where would you go? Please note that the group of 8 would prefer to stay in the same facility.

Thank you.


Amy said...

Virginia Beach area? We stayed at a house in nearby Sandbridge one summer.

Captain Easychord said...

my family has been going down to the outer banks every summer for the last 30 years or so... it's a great spot for a family vacation... I guess that's why we keep going back!

Sean said...

Thanks Amy & Captain! Time to do some research.