Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Crying Baby Saves The Day

I received a phone call the other night from a member of a political party talking about the importance of winning Virginia in both the Presidential and Senate elections this November. The guy said that I could support the party by donating $100. Um, no. As he stated that he understood that $100 was a lot of money and started going into the appeal to contribute less than $100, my child began to cry. I have no idea why, but he regularly cries when we lay him on the changing table. Even though my wife was there to change his diaper, I could clearly hear him through the baby monitor. I interrupted the guy on the phone by stating that I had to go due to a crying baby. Game, set, match! Checkmate! What else could the guy on the phone do in that situation? A father needs to take care of his crying baby immediately. Phone call over and the guy can't feel like I blew him off even if I did.

Meanwhile, I also received an invitation to a wine & cheese reception to support a candidate from a different political party. For the sponsorship levels, the cost is $1000 to be a "host" which also gives you 6 reservations for the event. However, a "friend" level is $100 and gets you 1 reservation. Why wouldn't someone contribute $1000 for 10 friend level sponsorships and bring 10 people to the event? The better question may be why am I receiving all this politcal stuff?

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