Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dark Knight Rises Looks Unrealistic

If you haven't seen the trailer for Dark Knight Rises, please watch the video below. While the film certainly looks cool, I can't get past two portions of the trailer that seem completely unrealistic.

1. Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl kicking for a professional football team (1:08 mark).

2. Hines Ward returning a kick-off for a touchdown (1:21). He hasn’t returned a kick-off since 2000!

I'm not sure how I can even see this movie now. Maybe I'll see something more believable like Matt Damon buying and operating a zoo where Scarlett Johansson works or singing and dancing chipmunks.

Deadspin also has some great analysis of The Dark Knight Rises football scenes.


getfreshdesigns said...

let Ward have his movie moment!

Sean said...

GFD - I'm a huge Ward fan, but I think his star power is reserved for the small screen, rather than the big screen!