Monday, December 12, 2011

New Fall Television Shows

A few weeks ago, Dan put together a post about new TV shows he’s watched this season. I’m totally taking his idea.

New Girl – It’s a cute show about Zooey Deschanel moving in with three random male roommates. Although I’m not sure how long the writers can stay with the roommates learning to live with each other and appreciate their wacky differences theme, I’m still watching it.

Up All Night – Although I’m about five episodes behind on my DVR, this show entertains me. The whole new parent thing is quite relevant to my life. I especially liked a scene where Christina Applegate and another character destroyed a stroller that refused to fold correctly like the Office Space fax machine. I would love to do that with a Pack and Play.

Terra Nova – There really is no good reason why I’m still watching this show. Well, the fact that Steven Spielberg is one of the executive producers may be the reason and the dinosaur effects are cool. Otherwise, like V and Flash Forward, I’m just sticking with it to see what happens (which will probably be an amazing season finale, followed by cancellation). The whole Sixers splinter group intrigues me.

Person of Interest – I had high hopes for this show because of Michael Emerson/ Benjamin Linus and Taraji P. Henson, but after two episodes, it seems like a new case will be solved every week. I can watch any airing of Law & Order to see that.

Whitney – I’m so glad that I picked this show in the Ted Marshall Open TV Death Pool. I’ve watched part of a few episodes, and the show lived up to my awful expectations.

Happy Endings - Technically, this is not a new TV show, but it’s new to me. The first minute of this show ended up on my DVR following the conclusion of Modern Family. I found the minute consistently funny (the exact opposite of 2 Broke Girls after How I Met Your Mother) and added it to my DVR recording list. Plus, this show had amazing cameos a few weeks ago from Fred Savage and Brent Musburger

So what new shows are you watching/did you watch?

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