Thursday, July 28, 2011

TMI Thursday: The Debbie Gibson Experience

Remember when TMI Thursdays were a weekly occurrence? I don’t really have much embarrassing to write about these days, so consider this a special occasion. Yes, any post regarding Debbie Gibson counts as a special occasion. Much to my surprise, I searched my blog and discovered that I really haven’t written much about this 80s pop icon. There have been bits and pieces of stories, but not one comprehensive post. Consider this that post.

My first celebrity crush was on either Alyssa Milano from her days on Who’s The Boss or Debbie Gibson, singer of #1 hits Foolish Beat and Lost in Your Eyes as well as top 10 songs Only in My Dreams, Shake Your Love and Out of the Blue (Electric Youth reached #11). While I honestly don’t remember who was on my radar first, I do know that I didn’t own anything featuring Alyssa Milano while I bought two Debbie Gibson cassette tapes. In addition, the first concert I ever attended without my parents: Debbie Gibson at Duquesne University’s A.J. Palumbo Center in Pittsburgh. Although I don’t remember the exact date of the concert, I still have the ticket stub somewhere 20+ years later. I went to the concert with my friend Dave and met up with junior high school classmates Kris and Greg. How did we ever manage to meet up with friends at an unfamiliar location without cell phones? Anyway, Debbie Gibson played all of her hits, and I bought a Debbie Gibson poster. I remember thinking that she would be the last thing I saw before I went to sleep, and therefore, she would be in my dreams. (Get it? She sang Only in My Dreams. Give me a break I was probably only 13 or 14.)

I love YouTube. I found this video, which according to the title is of Debbie Gibson performing Only in My Dreams at the A.J. Palumbo Center in Pittsburg (really?) on September 16, 1988. I was there...and I was 13. By the way, the drummer also plays sax? Amazing!

I really haven’t followed Debbie Gibson’s over the past two decades. I know that she goes by Deborah now, performed on Broadway and showed off her ice skating skills in the short-lived FOX reality competition show Skating with Celebrities. Now, Debbie Gibson is back! Debbie and fellow 80s pop star Tiffany announced tour dates (Cleveland and Council Bluffs, Iowa?) and on Friday, they are performing on Good Morning America. The DVR will get some rare early morning work. While I always thought that Tiffany was overrated, if the tour comes to Washington DC, I’ll be there! Who’s with me? Anyone? Anyone?

(While Debbie Gibson still looks great, doesn't this seem like a picture Ke$ha would take?)


Messiah said...

You didn't mention her appearance in the Katy Perry video Last Friday Night!

Sean said...

Messiah - I had no idea that Debbie was in the Katy Perry video. I'll have to check it out.

JQ said...

The two are playing in Asbury Park this weekend (the same theater I saw Weird Al at last year, but not Springsteen's favorite haunt, the Stone Pony), and my friend wrote a preview for it for one of the local New Jersey papers: (sadly, Debbie flaked on the interview).

And they did do a Syfy movie "Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid" which apparently was pure cheese.

Oh yeah, Debbie still looks amazing to this day.

Sean said...

JQ - Thanks for the link. It's too bad that Debbie didn't participate in the video. You'll have to let me know if you know anyone that sees the concert at Asbury Park.

I think I heard about the Syfy movie, but that's the extent to my knowledge of it.

Anonymous said...

Deborah Gibson was nude in Playboy a few years back. You can get a new picture to hang above your bed.

Princess said...

I love debbie!!!!! She is super talented. Voice of an angel!

Princess said...

I love debbie!!!!! She is super talented. Voice of an angel!