Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Trivia Tuesday

If you're working today, I'm sure that you don't feel like working following the long holiday weekend. Therefore, I present to you several Sporcle quizzes to help you get through the day.

You have eight minutes to name the MLB players with the most home runs against each franchise. I scored a 108 out of 156 answers, but should have done better since I missed a few obvious answers.

Name the 50 Largest US Cities without setting off the mine by naming a city from #51-100. This is fun but frustrating. I scored 19 out of 51 answers correctly before hitting a "mine" causing the game to end.

Can you name the cities which had the largest Jewish populations in 1939. Only 15 of 42 for me.

I think I'm off my game as I didn't score very well on any of these quizzes. Now, it's your turn. Take the quizzes and share your results in the comments section below. Good luck!


note pads said...

Well, thanks for that trivia. AT least, I did learn something new today.

Unknown said...

i scored 113 on the mlb players. i missed a bunch though because of spelling and when it was wrong, i just assumed i was spelling it right. damn you yaz!

the 50 cities, i only got 20 on my second try (first try only got 9, haha).

I got 11 on the Jewish population quiz, but I am a complete idiot on that one. I thought it was cities in the US...i was so confused as to why I could not get any right.

Sean said...

Ngewo - Here's a tip when completing Sporcle quizzes. Have Google open so that you can check spelling. For the 50 cities, I actually put Pittsburgh originally and hit a mine after only 3 or 4 cities.