Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Return of Sean Analyzing Popular Song Lyrics

Welcome to the second edition of my analysis of popular pop song lyrics. (The first AMAZING version is available here.) Let’s take a look at five relatively current hits.

Enrique Iglesias - Tonight (I’m Lovin You)

Here’s the situation been to every nation

Really Enrique. You’ve been to North Korea, South Sudan, Nauru and Tuvalu? I demand to see your passport for proof.

(Same song)

You know my motivation
Given my reputation
Please excuse I don't mean to be rude

I believe that your reputation is someone who dates a former Russian tennis player known much more for her off the count activities than her tennis abilities. Unless of course your reputation is lying about visiting every nation.

Justin Bieber – Never Say Never

I’m strong enough to climb the highest tower.

Okay Canadian boy, let’s see you climb Toronto's CN Tower, eh.

Jessie J – Price Tag

It's not about the money, money, money
We don't need your money, money, money
We just wanna make the world dance,
Forget about the Price Tag

It’s not too early to think about my child’s first birthday party, so I wanted to see if Jessi J is available to perform. Since she doesn’t need my money and I should forget about the price tag, I look forward to seeing her perform at my home. You can even stay in our extra bedroom to help us save some money, money, money instead of putting you up at a hotel.

Enrique Iglesias featuring Pitbull – I Like It

My life is a movie and you're just Tivo (heh)

I disagree Pitbull. Can you go the theater and pause or record a movie? I can record two movies at once with my DVR and while catching up on Modern Family and Parks and Recreation. "My life is Tivo, you're just a movie" makes much more sense.

Britney Spears – Till the World Ends

See the sunlight
We ain’t stoppin’
Keep on dancing till the world ends

The official song of the May 21, I mean October 21, 2011 rapture.

Seeing this wallpaper everywhere may also be a sign of the world ending.

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