Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trivia Tuesday: Picture Edition

I'm not a big horror movie fan. I have little interest in spending $10+ to see blood and torture stuff on the big screen. However, if you're a fan of movies, you should enjoy this week's Trivia Tuesday. Your challenge is to identify the horror movies from the 10 movie posters below.

I'm not sure that I would classify all of these as horror films, but just go with it.

As always please leave your answers in the comments section below and do not use the internet for assistance. Good luck!

This quiz is courtesy of the fine folks at Stump Trivia.


Gilahi said...

I'm with you on the whole horror-film genre, but some of them are pretty ubiquitous. Therefore:

3) "Psycho" (I think)
5) "Jaws"
7) "The Shining"
10) "The Exorcist" (I think)

Christian said...

1. Scream
2. Silence of the Lambs
3. I think Psycho is correct
4. Don't know, but it could be the Amittyville Horror, or maybe Poltergeist.
5. Jaws
6. No idea. If I was taking a guess I would say either the Omen or Rosemarys baby.
7. The Shining
8. Halloween
9. Dracula
10. The Exorcist.

tiny350Z said...

I think #6 is Saw... the rest that I knew were already mentioned above.

Sean said...

I forgot to write the answers down, so let's what I remember.

1. Scream
2. Silence of the Lambs
3. Psycho
4. Amityville Horror
5. Jaws
6. Saw
7. The Shining
8. Halloween
9. Bram Stoker's Dracula
10. The Exorcist

Good team effort Gilahi, Christian & Tiny350z