Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Trivia Tuesday: Mensa Workout Quiz

This is an extra special Trivia Tuesday. Why you may (or may not) ask? Well, today is also the last day of November. With this post, I have successfully completed NaBloPoMo and posted at least once per day for the entire month. Way to go me! If you're worried about there being fewer posts next month, well, that may actually happen. However, I have a bunch of things I'm working on as well as my big announcement which should occur in the next few days.

On to Trivia Tuesday. Mensa is a high IQ society that provides a forum for intellectual exchange among its members. There are members in more than 100 countries around the world. Activities include the exchange of ideas through lectures, discussions, journals, special-interest groups, and local, regional, national and international gatherings; the investigations of members' opinions and attitudes; and assistance to researchers, inside and outside Mensa, in projects dealing with intelligence or Mensa. Yes, I took most of this paragraph directly from the Mensa website.

Anyway, Mensa also created an online workout quiz where you can see if you can be a Mensa member. Well, except for the fact that Mensa states that the quiz is provided for entertainment purposes only, it is not an IQ test and this score will not qualify you for Mensa. Instead, let's just see who is the smartest person to read Sean's Ramblings. Based on this last sentence, it is clearly not me.

The online quiz consists of 30 questions. You have up 30 minutes to complete the quiz, and, fortunately, the actual time taken is not factored into the scoring.

You can click here to take the quiz and then share your results in the comments section below. In case you're wondering, I scored a 23 of 30. Good luck!


Nichole Fisher said...


Unknown said...

24/30...but i had heard the card box code bag haste question before (and missed it back then).

Jason said...

fun quiz. 26 out of 30.

Brendon said...

Had to run to a meeting.

lacochran's evil twin said...

WOOT!!! You did it! And with style! You rocked NaBloPoMo! Congrats!

Gilahi said...

Well, I'll admit that it took me a while and a sheet of paper, but I got 29 out of 30. Couldn't manage to rearrange "insatiable" into another word. It occurred to me to go to the anagrams web page, but that woulda been cheating.

Sean said...

I'm impressed. Who knew I had so many intelligent readers? Plus, I have personally met Gilahi, so I have been in the presence of greatness!

Thanks Lacochran on the NaBloPoMo message. I was inspired by your experience doing this last year (or was it 2 years ago?).

Unknown said...

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