Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Minor Express Fail

Part of my recent vacation included a stop in San Diego where I visited San Diego State University, a place where I worked for two years. While I don't consider myself an avid fan of the SDSU, I still follow the Aztec sports teams. Therefore, I knew that the SDSU men's basketball team was playing at Gonzaga on Tuesday night. (San Diego State won!) However, according to Express, Gonzaga faced San Diego last night.

While this may seem minor, a reference to San Diego for college basketball means the University of San Diego Toreros. The Toreros are members of the West Coast Conference and face Gonzaga in conference twice a year. Tuesday night was not one of those times. Again, while this may seem minor, you wouldn't write Michigan if Michigan State was playing or Virginia in place of Virginia Tech.

If you feel like I'm being unfair to Express, please let me know. However, before you do so, check out this story about the Washington Wizards that just ends in mid-sentence.

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