Monday, September 06, 2010

Lady Gaga Needs a New Terrible Towel

Lady Gaga performed at Pittsburgh's new Consol Energy Center on Sunday night and was smart enough to cater to the local crowd through various Pittsburgh shout-outs and waving a Terrible Towel.

However, it looks like Ms. Gaga may need a new towel. The last time I checked, the Steelers are 6-time Super Bowl Champions.

Is the first time a woman wearing a bikini/lingerie sitting on a piano bench with fire in the background waved a Terrible Towel? What would Myron Cope think of this?

Photos by Michael Henninger/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (This link also gives a review of the concert.)


Anonymous said...

I threw that towel to her during the show last night. I actually bought a NEW version the night before but for whatever reason, it never made it home.
Let's focus on the bigger picture ... Lady GaGa is rocking the house with a terrible towel and the crowd went insane!!
Thank you, Lady GaGa.
**Thanks for commenting on this. :)

Elisabeth Foringer

Sean said...

Elisabeth - Thank you very much for the comment. I figured that someone in Lady GaGa's crew or management gave her a Terrible Towel and told her to wave it on stage. So this was entirely spontaneous? Did she even know what the Towel was when it landed on stage? How did you decide to throw the Towel on stage.

Feel free to reply to this here or e-mail me at seanramblings at yahoo[dot]com. I'd love to hear more (I have a few other questions too) and I'm sure other folks do too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sean. I am VERY late in my reply to you. Sorry for that.
No. GaGa's "crew" did not provide her the props .. her loving and devoted fans did (as they do in the majority of her wonderful shows). Yes, it was entirely spontaneous. I saw GaGa perform in Cleveland (in July 2010) and realized then that she loved to use "props" thrown to her by her fans on stage. What better prop does Pittsburgh have available to us then the "Terrible Towel"! I added pictures to the back of the terrible towel (photo-shopped) in Andy Warhol-esque style and wrote on the back of the towel "Lady GaGa - Pittsburgh's New Warhol". Some of the pictures that I found on the Post Gazette you can actually see these pics!
I think she definitely knew what to do with the terrible towel when she grabbed it. No hesitation at all on her part (as you can see in the YouTube videos available).
thanks for your reply and apologies for my VERY delayed reply!