Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trivia Tuesday

We have a random edition of trivia Tuesday today, and I feel like I came up with some good questions. Let's see how you fare.

1. What is Lenny Kravitz’s best song? (There is only one acceptable answer in my opinion.)

2. What is the name of Rodney Dangerfield’s character in the classic film, Back to School?

3. With Rosh Hashanah just occurring last week, what is the current year in the Jewish calendar?

4. Name the actor who played Mr. Belvedere.

5. What late comedian played a 3-inch tall character on Fox’s short-lived TV series, Charlie Hoover?

6. Who hit the only home run at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park that went directly into the river?

7. Which Vermont city has the largest population?

8. Who is replacing Larry King on CNN?

9. Which football conference is worst: the Big East or the ACC?

10. How many fantasy football leagues am I in this year?

As always, please leave your answers in the comments section and do not use the internet for help. Good luck!


nichole said...

1. Again
4. Christopher Hewett
7. Burlington
8. Piers Morgan
9. Big East
10. 3?

Messiah said...

1) Let Love Rule
2) Melon
3) 5
6) Reggie Sanders
7) Agree on Burlington
9) Big East
10) 2

Ngewo said...

1. That one that doesn't suck
2. Thornton
3. 5253
4. Christopher Hewett
5. Sam Kinison
6. Daryl Ward
7. Montpelier (is Vermont city an oxymoron?)
8. Jay Leno (and then after two months, Larry King is going to take back the show)
9. They play football in those conferences, weird.
10. 4

Gilahi said...

1. Asking for Lenny Kravitz's best song is like asking for the Pacific Ocean's driest spot.

Mystery Man said...

1. american women
3. 5777
6. barry bonds
7. Montpellier
8. Christine Amanpour
9. ACC
10. Too many

Sean said...

Thanks to everyone for participating.

1. I'm sorry but the correct answer is Are You Gonna Go My Way. Gilahi - I believe that the driest spot in the Pacific Ocean is Guam.

2. Combine Ngewo and Messiah's answers.

3. We are in 5771. No one got this one correct.

4. I actually didn't know this answer, so thanks to Nichole and Ngewo for knowing this.

5. Sam Kinison. Ngewo is on a role.

6. Daryl Ward. Ngewo again. Mystery Man - We were at this game!

7. Burlington. Messiah & Nichole got this one.

8. Piers Morgan. Nichole is now on a role.

9. Probably the Big East but the the ACC also ruined the WAC's season so that may give the ACC the edge.

10. 4 but too many might be correct.