Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sean On Fashion

Welcome to the latest edition of Sean on fashion. Previously, we tackled the shorts suit, Burberry scarves and what to wear at a football game. Today, I’d like to discuss the pictured polo shirt by Project E. While the picture shows the general sloppiness of the shirt as well as the trademark red Xs, the holes and tears on the sleeves may not be evident. I saw a shirt similar to the one pictured at a Northern Virginia store last week. I was amazed that a shirt in such shambles would actually be for sale. Here’s the best part: this shirt sells for $60; the one at the store was on sale for only $34.50! While I realize that I am probably not the target audience for this shirt since I have little fashion sense and no knowledge of popular trends, can you really wear a tattered shirt with holes and rips to work or even a respectable bar or club? Actually, who is the demographic audience for this shirt? This may be fashionable for high school or college students, but what students have the disposable income to spend $60 on a torn polo? For that matter, what parent is going to allow their child to spend $60 on a ripped shirt?

Although I still don’t understand the fascination of this shirt (and in full disclosure, I have never seen anyone actually wear this), here’s my suggestion if you want one of your own. Buy a plain blue polo shirt at Kohl’s for $15. Throw the shirt in the washer and dryer about ten times and make sure to jump on it repeatedly. Cut portions of the sleeve with a scissors if necessary. Then wear it and get ridiculed by your family and friends.

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