Monday, January 28, 2008

Jeopardy Online Contestant Test

The online test for Jeopardy! is back. Here are the specific test dates and times:

Tuesday, January 29th at 8PM EST

Wednesday, January 30th at 8PM CST/7PM MST

PACIFIC COAST (Including Alaska and Hawaii)
Thursday, January 31st at 8PM PST

These tests are for adults 18 and over only to qualify for the regional auditions. Eligible adults must register before taking the test by going to the Sony/Jeopardy! website.

Good luck!

Update 1/29 8:13 PM EST Well, you won't see me on Jeopardy anytime soon unless I'm in the audience and decide to run on stage to give Alex Trebek a high-five. I bombed the online quiz. Of course, having the George Mason-VCU college basketball game on television in the background probably did not help.


A-lo said...

I've taken the test 3 times: first in person, second and third online (tonight). First time around I got 100; the second time, I was notified by mail/e-mail that I had passed and was asked to go to an audition in NYC; I did very well on that also. During Q&A I asked: a)how many times Ken Jennings had auditioned and was told 3-4 times before being chosen; also, b) how many people took the test online: 100,000.
I have met many people who have taken the test numerous times and passed but have not been chosen. (Some as many as 11x!)
The team conducting the auditions explained that they tests are given year-round in many different locations around the country, including at the studio in L.A. Then the teams get together and pitch their choices. I guess the one that does the best job wins.
p.s. I have never seen anyone I audtioned with both times on a show

Anonymous said...

i wonder if there is a way to get the ques and answers now that we've taken the test- i am dying to know how i did!

Sean said...

Anonymous - According to the Jeopardy! FAQs, "The JEOPARDY! contestant department never reveals test scores. The only way you will know if you passed the test is if you are contacted by a member of the JEOPARDY! contestant department."

A-Lo - How do you know that you got 100%?

a-lo said...

oops! wrong test - I got 100 on Wants To Be a Millionaire test.
I got 2 wrong on mu first jeopardy try out - I missed a question on a t.v. show character, and a question on arsenic. I'm 100% percent sure because of my score because I found the test quite easy.
the second time I tried out for WWTBM, I bombed - the test was loaded w/lots of trivia, i.e., hip-hop music, 80's heavy metal bands, dumb t.v. shows.

chris said...

I took the online test in January. I was just invited to an audition in Minneapolis in March. Hey, maybe I'll get lucky!

Ker said...

I made some tests, to test if you think as a millionaire, try them, they are very good:


Sean said...

Chris - If you happen to read this again, please feel free to let us know how the audition goes in Minneapolis. I'll be glad to post your experiences here. You can e-mail me at seanramblings at yahoo [dot] com.