Monday, June 19, 2006

Quick Notes

* Over the past few days, there have been visitors to this site from Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Finland, Italy and the U.K. That's so cool (although I'm guessing that none of these folks will be visiting here again)!

* Congratulations to my new favorite soccer player Fred (who I wrote about last week) for scoring a goal in his World Cup debut in Brazil's victory over the Socceroos.

* Unlike many NFL teams, the Steelers have had success over the years in having quality players (i.e. players that do not get arrested). Which leads me to the Steelers first round draft pick, Santonio Holmes, who was arrested and charged with domestic violence and simple assault. A few weeks ago, Holmes was arrested for disorderly conduct. Not a good start to his pro career. If he doesn't turn his life around soon, I don't want him as a Steeler.

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