Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pirates Win!

This is going to be all over the place. I went to Post-Gazette website to link the article about the Pirates ending a 13-game losing streak. Here's the link. While on the website, there is a headline to say that Penguins announcer Mike Lange was fired as the team's TV announcer. According to the article, Lange will be replaced by Paul Steigerwald, who is currently the team's radio announcer and Lange has been offered Steigerwald's job as radio announcer. I'm really confused.

Going back to the Pirates, I'll be heading to the Burgh this weekend and (weather permitting) will attend my first Pirates game of the season. I'm excited about it. I know the team is lousy but I always enjoy going to baseball games, especially at PNC Park. Plus I can always root for Cheese Chester in the pierogi race.

Finally, I want to give a "Best Week Ever" award to Mondesi's House. After having a blog for only one week, this guy was referenced on Deadspin and in a Post-Gazette article. Way to go Mondesi's House (nice site too)!

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