Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Washington Baseball

The big news around town is the home opener for the Washington Nationals tomorrow (Thursday) evening. It's nice that they are opening against their fiercest rival, the Arizona Diamondbacks. I am excited about there actually being a baseball team here after 30+ years without one. The team has been a pleasant surprise so far this season, going 5-4 on a 9-game road-trip.

There is a drawback to the new team in town. I'm not a big fan of the radio announcers. I was listening to part of the game last night when it started to rain. The announcer gave the exact time and date (5 'til 10 on Tuesday, April 12) and seemed excited to say that this was the first rain delay in Washington Nationals history. I'm suprised the rain delay wasn't sponsored.

That's my last post of the night. I hope this made up for the past few days.

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