Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I'm working from home today (despite writing this post, I really AM working) preparing for a quarterly meeting which takes place Friday through Tuesday. It's a little scary sitting next to two laptops, my personal one and one from work. Anyway, for a quick break to go with a late breakfast, I decided to turn on MTV. Of course, they are not showing any videos. They are showing a show that I have never seen before called Next. Apparently, a person gets to have 5 dates, and he/she gets to say next whenever he/she wants the next date. The dates seem to last about 30 minutes each, although some are shorter (some are longer). Oh, and the other four contestants who are not on the current date all hang out on a bus. I think the goal is to get a second date. This seems way too complicated, so I'm going to go back to analyzing hundreds of pages of documents.

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