Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Random Ramblings

* I was the assistant coach for Pedro Tulo’s soccer team in fall 2021. I recently worked as a referee where one of his teammates from that team played. I believe that this was the first time that I was a referee for a kid that I coached. The kid definitely didn’t recognize me, but he played an extremely solid game, so I feel like I deserve some credit for this!

* I think I found my calling: being a soccer coach for 5 year-old kids. I really enjoy coaching Luigi's soccer team. It's a half hour of various "practice" activities followed by 30 minutes of either 2v2 or 3v3 games against another team. There are no other practices during the week, and an hour total (followed by snacks) is the perfect amount of time for them. They don't have the attention or focus for more than this. I try to make all the activities fun. For example, there's a game called "Ouch" where they try to kick the soccer ball at me and if they're successful in hitting me, I say ouch. Red Light, Green Light is also a big hit, especially since we're not using Squid Game rules. That probably wouldn't go over well!

* I donated blood on Sunday and feel like a superhero!

* Later on Sunday, I opened a porta potty during Pedro Tulo’s track practice, and there was a bird inside. I held the door open, and the bird flew out after several seconds. While I have no idea how the bird got in there, and I was definitely startled when I first saw the bird flying around, I felt like a superhero again!

* I entered one of my blog posts into a writing contest for Washington DC area journalists. The information states that finalists would be notified by the second week of May. Today is May 23rd, so it seems like I didn’t make the cut..

* Ithaca College publishes the ICView Magazine several times per year geared towards alumni, students, staff and faculty and basically anyone already involved in the community. My goal is to get into ICVIew someday though I don't think there's anything interesting about me that would make for an interesting article. Being a soccer coach for 5 year olds probably doesn't qualify.

* Finally, in less than 24 hours, I heard Never Let You Go by Third Eye Blind on a commercial and while grocery shopping. While I could view this as an "I'm so old" moment, I'll be positive and share that I'm happy that the band is still making money off of a 23 year-old song. Still a great song too!


Amy said...

Maybe you could make the Ithaca magazine based on the longevity of your blog? Maybe at 25 years...

When I traveled to Australia and New Zealand in spring of 2000, I had many long flights to get there and back, and the "radio station" you could plug into on the plane had Never Let You Go as one of the 10 songs it played in order over and over. So I will always remember when that song was popular. Others in the list include Peace Tonight by Indigo Girls and Hanginaround by Counting Crows.

Sean said...

I remember those airline radio playlists. They were great! Do they have them anymore?

I became a big fan of 3rd Eye Blind when they filled in last-minute to perform at Celebrate Fairfax in place of The B-52s. They were very accommodating and were grateful for the opportunity to play. Totally cool and down to earth.